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Beautiful Food

Beautiful Food (2019)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: null MinView: 351 views
2 votes, average 6.1 out of 10

He believes in Gangneung as his own Soul Place and has started his career in Gangneung with a passion. As a result, he is exhausted from overwork and lonely life.

She will not even think about her favorite Gangneung food now, but she will take on a gourmet documentary project on Gangneung’s representative food and restaurants on the day she submits her resignation in her arms.
I decided to make a documentary with a food critic Kim Jung Joong, a British man Jason who lives in Gangneung, Jung Doo Won PD who took a photographing and editing, and decided to make a documentary.

In the process, the cow that gets to hear the personal stories of the food to his colleagues who are native to Kangneung become aware of the six happiness that each of their minds remember.


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